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A service-oriented organisation

One fan a day

The quality of the services we provide is a key priority for us, and one of the ways we are improving our services is by creating a truly service-oriented culture within Vesteda. The aim to make one fan a day, helps us realise this ambition. Our Operations team consists of people with customer-centricity in their DNA, people who provide our tenants with a seamless client journey. If an issue does occur, we will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


In 2020, we placed approximately 13 AEDs across our portfolio. To identify the gaps in the AED network, we carried out a scan of our portfolio, i.e. the areas where there are no registered AEDs available 24/7 within a radius of 500 metres. In 2021, we will continue to place more AEDs in our complexes.

Research safety lead pipes

In early 2020, there was a fair amount of publicity about contaminated drinking water from lead pipes in older homes in Amsterdam. Vesteda owns approximately 200 homes in the Amsterdam area that were built before 1960 and which could possibly contain lead pipes. Over the past year, we tested the water of these homes for the presence of lead. The research was carried out by Normec, in collaboration with construction company Hilhorst. All samples were well within the legal standard.