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Pro-active tenant communication regarding payment problems

Thanks to cooperation between the various Vesteda departments and our in-house property management, we can quickly identify impending payment problems among our tenants. This enables us to contact tenants in the early stages of payment issues, so we can try to help them by offering payment plans or to find a more affordable rental home in the neighbourhood. We have reached a number of individual arrangements with tenants who are experiencing payment issues as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and we will continue to offer these arrangements.

Home sharing

Keyworkers, including healthcare staff, teachers and other public sector workers, are experiencing increased pressure on the housing market due to the lack of affordable homes near their jobs, especially in city centres. Public sector employees are known to be essential to enabling others to do their jobs. To help essential workers to find affordable homes, we allow home sharing in specific buildings. This allows two friends or colleagues to rent a home together. Stimulating home sharing will make living in and around cities more accessible for a larger group of people.

Voluntarily cap on annual rent increase

In the last few years, market rents have increased faster than our tenants’ incomes. In 2018, we voluntarily changed our rental policy by capping our annual rent increase below the maximum contractually agreed rent increase. In 2021, we will also cap the annual rent increase for the liberalised rental contracts to CPI plus 1%, anticipating on potential new regulation.