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Communication and digitalisation

Digital developments

A robust technology framework and backbone is crucial to collect, administer and process tenant and property data. Collecting and using this data effectively will be essential in our drive to continuously improve the quality of our services. It gives us a solid foundation for the continuous expansion of technologically advanced social interaction with our tenants. This includes the use of remote visual interaction, social media marketing, chats and webcare. The introduction of a new ERP system in 2020, together with our new website and the digitalisation of the rental process are important digital milestones in this process. The introduction of the new client portal My Vesteda and the rental portal ‘Verhuur Office’ added to an improved digital customer experience. And the government measures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital developments within Vesteda itself. Our field employees quickly adapted to digital viewings and inspections.

Annual tenant review

Last year, we published our digital annual tenant review via a dedicated website. By clicking on one or more of the main themes, tenants were able to read more about the subjects they were interested in. It also gave them a look ahead at what they could expect in 2020. We use this annual review to provide tenants with insights into what we have achieved on certain fronts, such as sustainability, affordability and tenant satisfaction.

LED TV screens

In 2020, we started a pilot with LED TV screens in the entrances of five complexes spread across our portfolio. The screens feature relevant information about construction or cleaning work in or around the complex, contact details for the caretaker and Vesteda’s own ‘how-to videos’ about My Vesteda, garden maintenance or how to prevent and resolve differences with your neighbours. In addition to this, we sent an online questionnaire to gather input from tenants on the subjects displayed on the screens. They provided us with some useful ideas for information displays in the future.

Entrance upgrades

In 2020, we upgraded the entrances of a selected number of complexes in the portfolio. Where possible, we involved the tenants of these complexes in the decision making process. This resulted in, among other things, the creation of a petanque court and total restyling of entrances. The Acquisition team is also working closely with the Operations team to increase the focus on the design of the entrances of any new-build complexes we acquire.

Good neighbours ('Doe je buren een plezier')

Together with our tenants, we invest in a friendly and hospitable living environment. Managing expectations and clear communication can help us achieve that goal. This is why we produced a number of flyers with friendly advice on keeping hallways clean and safe, the use of elevators, how to maintain your garden, etc. In addition, we made several how-to videos on various themes, for instance on how to maintain good relations with your neighbours, how to use the new My Vesteda portal and how to clean the ventilation grilles.