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Annex 1: Key figures 2012-2021

* 2018 and 2019 figures include capital repayments related to portfolio sales.

Annex 2: Members of the Management Board and Management Team

The Management Board consists of Gertjan van der Baan (CEO) and Frits Vervoort (CFO).

Annex 3: Members of the Supervisory Committee


Annex 4: GRI Content Index for ‘In accordance’ - Core

Unless otherwise indicated, all GRI Standards listed refer to the 2016 version of the Standards.

Annex 5: TCFD recommended disclosure

Annex 6: Composition of the investment portfolio

City, Street, Name of complex, Province (GR=Groningen, FR=Friesland, DR=Drenthe, OV=Overijssel, GD=Gelderland, UT=Utrecht, FL=Flevoland, NH=Noord-Holland, ZH=Zuid-Holland, NB=Noord-Brabant, ZL=Zeeland, LB=Limburg), Construction year (the year before

Annex 7: External appraisers

The purpose of the appraisal is to gain an accurate and independent valuation of the assets at the end of each quarter.

Annex 8: Definitions