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At year-end 2021, 91% of the investment portfolio was located in Vesteda’s primary regions, in line with the previous year. In 2021, we reviewed our segmentation which has led to some small reclassifications of cities with very limited impact on our total portfolio segmentation.

Composition of the investment portfolio by region (%, weight in value)

Vesteda is playing its part in delivering affordable homes in the mid-rental segment. We believe that the only way to solve the housing shortage, including all the knock-on effects this has, is to build more homes. Increasing the supply of mid-rental homes will help to create a balanced housing market and attractive and liveable cities. In line with our strategy, our pipeline consists of mid-rental and regulated mid-rental segment homes.

We saw a slight shift in our overall portfolio from the mid-rental segment to the high rental segment. The main drivers for this were the annual rent increase, the revisionary potential and the investments in our assets causing units to shift from the mid to high rental segment. The threshold amount for our high rental segment remained unchanged at €1,200 rent per month. The regulated segment consists of rents up to €752 per month and the mid rental segment consists of rents between €752 and €1,200 rent per month.

Composition of the investment portfolio by rental segment (%, weight in value)