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The total number of residential units was 27,290 at year-end 2019, a 2% decline compared with year-end 2018. In 2019, in total 817 homes were added to the investment portfolio (816 new-build homes and 1 transformation unit) and 1,336 units were sold.

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At year-end 2019, 92% of the investment portfolio was located in Vesteda’s primary regions. The portfolio disposals we completed in 2019 reduced our exposure in other regions nearly to 0%.

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Acquisitions and property sales

Last year was another strong year for the Dutch residential real estate market. Investors continued to pursue residential real estate buying opportunities. Several large existing portfolios were sold at record low yields.

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The total market rent was 2.1% above the theoretical rent at year-end 2019. The reversionary potential declined compared to prior year, as in 2018 the Delta Lloyd portfolio led to a significant increase in the reversionary potential.

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