Members of the Managing Board and Management Team

From left to right: Gertjan van der Baan (CEO), Hans Touw (director Portfolio Strategy), Pieter Knauff (director Acquisitions), Frits Vervoort (CFO) and Astrid Schlüter (director Operations).

The Managing Board of Vesteda consists of Gertjan van der Baan (CEO) and Frits Vervoort (CFO).


Gertjan van der Baan (1968)


Chairman of the Managing Board (since 1 January 2014. Second term of office ends in December 2021).


As Chief Executive Officer, Gertjan van der Baan is responsible for portfolio strategy, acquisitions, HR Management, Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Internal Audit..


Before joining Vesteda, Gertjan van der Baan was chairman of the Managing Board of Dutch residential property investor Nationaal Grondbezit ‘Nagron’. Nagron is part of the Rotterdam-based investor Van Herk Group, where he also served as CEO from 2009. Prior to joining Van Herk Group, Gertjan van der Baan worked for nearly nine years at merchant bank Kempen & Co in the field of Corporate Finance.


Frits Vervoort (1962)


Member of the Managing Board (since 1 November 2016. First term of office ends in October 2020).


As Chief Financial Officer of Vesteda, Frits Vervoort's responsibilities include accounting, control & reporting, risk, legal/compliance, operations, IT and treasury.


Frits Vervoort has extensive experience in finance and management and more than 10 years of experience as a CFO. His previous employers include Vedior NV, where he was CFO and a member of the Board of Management from 2001 to 2008, when Vedior was acquired by Randstad NV. Before joining Vesteda, Frits Vervoort was CFO and a member of the Executive Board of Grontmij NV.

The Management Team of Vesteda consists of Hans Touw, Astrid Schlüter and Pieter Knauff.


Hans Touw (1958)


Hans Touw joined Vesteda in 2010 as director Asset Management and was appointed as director Portfolio Strategy in October 2016.


Before joining Vesteda, Hans Touw worked in senior management positions at various real estate firms, including Amvest, Jones Lang LaSalle and Wereldhave. Hans Touw studied commercial economics and is very experienced in residential- and commercial property investments, as well as in Portfolio, Asset and Property Management.


Astrid Schlüter (1969)


Astrid Schlüter joined Vesteda in 2013 as director Property Management and was appointed as director Operations in October 2016.


Astrid Schlüter studied econometrics and started her career at EY. After EY, Astrid Schlüter joined Jacobus Recourt B.V. where she held the position of Managing Director/Owner for her last five years with the company.


Pieter Knauff (1977‍)


Pieter Knauff (1977) joined Vesteda in 2015 and was appointed as director Acquisitions in July 2016.


Before joining Vesteda, Pieter Knauff worked for many years at Van Herk Group where his last position was Chief Investment Officer. Pieter Knauff is a business economist and started his career at merchant bank Kempen & Co in the field of Corporate Finance and Equity Research (Property & Construction).