This website is administered by Vesteda.


When you visit this site, Vesteda may gather personal data about you directly (by requesting data from you) and indirectly. Vesteda only makes use of this personal data in accordance with the objectives outlined in this Privacy statement and will take all necessary steps to protect the personal data gathered in this way. This Privacy statement describes the objectives of Vesteda’s data processing activities with regard to this website, the use of cookies and the way in which you can exercise your rights with regard to your personal data.

Objectives of data processing

Vesteda gathers and processes data on customers and visitors to this website to aid its business operations, to draw attention to and make available products and services that you may find of interest and to develop web statistics. The information you provide will be used to contact you if required, for example to inform you of any changes in the functionality of the website or to offer services that you might appreciate (unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive any offers). You may be approached by a research bureau for research purposes. In this context, Vesteda employs a research bureau that adheres strictly to the Personal Data Protection Act and the ESOMAR code. The research bureau never provides identifiable personal data to Vesteda.

Special personal data

Vesteda has no intention whatsoever of gathering special personal data via this website, such as information on political views, religious convictions, health or other matters. In cases where Vesteda might seek to gather this type of personal data, you will be explicitly asked for your approval in advance. We draw your attention to the fact that any voluntary provision of special personal data by you to Vesteda means that you explicitly agree to the use of these data as described above.


Vesteda is entitled to gather and analyse information connected to the use of this website, such as information on the domain names involved, the number of hits, which pages have been visited, previous/next website opened, and the duration of the user session. These data can be gathered by means of cookies. A cookie is a small text file containing relevant information that our webpage server can extract from your browser. Our webpage server can only request cookies that are related to information that has been exchanged between you and Vesteda via the internet. Cookies that do not contain any security-sensitive information may be stored on your hard disk in such a way that they become available at your next internet session. The only cookie from the protected domain that is stored on your hard disk is the one that is used to record your login data on a registration of interest. You can allow or prevent the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. If you preclude the use of cookies, the information in question will no longer be stored by your browser and your data will be requested and will have to be entered at every new internet session. The browser settings with regard to cookies differ according to the browser used.

Websites of third parties

This Privacy Statement does not apply to websites owned or operated by third parties and accessed via links on this website.