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Investment portfolio by region (%, weight in value)

At year-end 2022, 91% of the investment portfolio was located in Vesteda’s primary regions, in line with 2021.

Investment portfolio by rental segment (%, weight in value)

The portfolio showed a shift from the mid-rental segment to the high rental segment, driven by the annual rent increase, rent increases following large renovations, and relettings at higher (market) rents. This pushed rents for several units above the threshold for the high segment, which remained unchanged for several years at €1,200 rent per month. In 2022, the regulated segment consisted of rents up to €763 per month. The mid-rental segment consisted of rents between €763 and €1,200 rent per month. In 2023, we will review our rental segmentation to align with the proposed new regulation for the mid-rental segment, and the impact of high inflation and market pressure.

Acquisitions by rental segment (%, weight in units)

Our acquisition strategy is focused on affordable housing. In the past four years, our acquisitions were mainly in the mid-rental segment and since two years we also focus on regulated mid-rental homes.