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Our mission

At home with Vesteda. This applies to our tenants, the investors who invest in our fund and the employees who work at our company. Our mission is to make sure our key stakeholders feel at home with Vesteda. And we want to be the best landlord and residential fund in the Netherlands by outperforming on tenant satisfaction, sustainability and stable financial performance.

Our vision

Vesteda is the expert in residential living. We have direct contact with our tenants. This is why we know their current and future living requirements better than anyone. We use our knowledge to constantly improve our services and our existing residential portfolio. We also add residential complexes that are tailored to the living requirements of our tenants now and in the future and we do so in a sustainable and innovative manner. Together with our tenants, we create an environment in which they feel at home.

Our purpose

Vesteda invests the pension savings and insurance premiums entrusted to it by institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies, in sustainable Dutch residential real estate for middle-income tenants. As such, we contribute to future income security for retirees, affordable living for Dutch middle-income households and to the continued improvement of the quality of urban communities. We focus on three areas:

  • Economic value: we invest pension savings and insurance premiums at an attractive risk-return profile to provide income security for pensioners. Our aim is to deliver long-term outperformance on income and cost ratios;

  • Societal value: we provide middle-income households with affordable and sustainable housing. We also want our tenants to feel at home with us, which means being able to live in a safe, attractive and healthy living environment;

  • Organisation: economic and social value are linked through our ‘High Performance Organisation’. Our engaged employees make our stakeholders feel at home at Vesteda through their way of working, whether they are making investment decisions, leasing and managing our properties, supporting tenants in the best way they can or supporting their colleagues in a professional way.

We measure our performance using a number of financial and ESG criteria. By outperforming on these criteria, we add maximum value and we can realise our goal of being the best residential investor and landlord in the Netherlands.

Vesteda vision framework