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1. Corporate information

The company financial statements and the consolidated financial statements of Vesteda Residential Fund FGR and the affiliated entities (the Vesteda Companies) for the year ended 31 December 2023 were authorised for issue in accordance with a

2. Basis of preparation

Vesteda Residential Fund FGR (the Fund) is not a legal entity. These financial statements present the company financial information of the Fund.

3. Intangible fixed assets

The intangible fixed assets is made up as follows:

4. Investment property

The investment property is made up as follows:

5. Investment property under construction

As set out in Note 4, in arriving at their estimates of market values, the valuation experts used their market knowledge and professional judgment, rather than relying exclusively on comparable historical transaction data.

6. Property, plant and equipment

7. Financial assets

The financial assets are made up as follows:

8. Trade and other receivables

The trade and other receivables are made up as follows:

10. Equity

The participation rights issued can be specified as follows:

11. Provisions

The current provisions are made up as follows:

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