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16. Transactions with associated companies

In 2023 transactions have been made between Vesteda FGR, Vesteda Finance BV, Vesteda Investment Management BV and Vesteda Project Development BV for loans provided and interest accrued.

At year-end the balances relating to these loans amount to:

Vesteda Finance BV: €2.5 billion
Vesteda Investment Management BV: €13.2 million
Vesteda Project Development BV: €22.1 million

In 2023 also transactions have been made between Vesteda FGR and Vesteda Investment Management BV for management expenses charged from Vesteda Investment Management BV to the Fund for an amount of €28.8 million.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Committee remuneration complies with article 2:383 of the Dutch Civil Code. Please see Note 29 and Note 30 of the consolidated financial statements.

The Fund has a pension plan with ABP. In 2023, the Fund paid premiums in the amount of €2.5 million (2022: €2.6 million). This counterparty is also a participant in the Fund. All transactions are at arm’s length.

Please see Note 34 of the consolidated financial statements for a description of the events after balance sheet date.

Signing of the financial statements

Amsterdam, 15 March 2024

Signed by:

G.S. van der Baan

F. Vervoort